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Wage and Hour – Workers’ Faqs

Workers’ Faq’s

  • English FAQ (PDF)
  • Filipino FAQ – Madalas na katanungan (PDF)
  • Korean FAQ – л…ёлЏ™мІ­ кіј мќёл Ґк°њл°њл¶Ђ мќёкё€кіј м‹њк°„ 관리소 (PDF)
  • Samoan FAQ – O Aia Tatau mo se Tagata Galue (PDF)
  • Spanish FAQ – Preguntas Frecuentes de los Empleados (PDF)
  • Yup’ik FAQ – Calistet Apyutkuratuk’ait (PDF)

1) what exactly is the minimal wage in Alaska? Effective Jan. 1, 2020, Alaska’s minimum wage is $10.19 each hour. This might be determined by multiplying all full hours worked into the pay duration by $10.19. This quantity may be the minimum quantity that may be compensated to a worker as wages.

2) Does my boss need to pay me more for overtime work? Yes, but you can find a few exceptions. That you worked if you work more than 8 hours in a single day and/or more than 40 hours in a single week, you must be paid time-and-one-half (1.5 times) your hourly or regular wage for those extra hours. Contact the Wage and Hour management workplace ((907) 269-4900) when you yourself have concerns.

3) If I’m not compensated on an hourly basis, do we nevertheless need certainly to get minimum wage and overtime?

Yes. It doesn’t matter how you might be compensated, if the work is calculated on an hourly basis, piece-rate, payment or perhaps, all workers have entitlement to Alaska minimal wage and overtime unless there is certainly a particular exemption enabling otherwise. Speak to your local Wage and Hour management workplace to make sure.

4) Can my employer direct me personally to function overtime? Yes, but when you work over 8 hours in just one day and/or over 40 hours in one single week, your boss need to pay you 1.5 times your hourly or regular wage for the people additional hours over 8 and/or over 40 you worked. Should your boss is certainly not having to pay you that overtime, you’ll be able to report wage theft to your neighborhood Wage and Hour management workplace.

5) Can my company provide me “comp time” instead of having to pay me personally overtime? No. Giving you comp time in the place of your overtime wages just isn’t lawful in Alaska. You might be eligible to pay that is overtime you work overtime hours, plus it should be compensated on your own paycheck and shown on your own paystub.

6) Are salaried workers eligible for overtime? Being compensated a salary does not always mean that you’re maybe not eligible to receive overtime. Some workers are exempt from overtime, such as for example administrator, administrative, and expert employees, every one of which need really certain requirements to be met. Your real task duties, obligations and just how you might be compensated frequently determine your eligibility for overtime.

7) exactly how many workers must my employer have prior to he/she has to spend overtime? a grand total of four or maybe more. a company that has an overall total of just three (3) workers, or less, can spend his/her employees straight-time for many hours worked.

8) My boss explained I’m an “independent contractor.” Just what does which means that? Most of the time, a completely independent specialist is a stand-alone company. If you’re working beneath the way of the employer, however your manager calls you a completely independent contractor, you may well be working minus the security and advantages which can be given to workers, such as Workers’ Compensation protection, Unemployment insurance plan, and/or Social protection advantages. Phone the Workers’ Compensation Division at 269-4980, or your wage that is local and management office to inquire of for help.

9) have always been we eligible to holiday bonus pay? maybe maybe Not for legal reasons. It is determined by whether your boss has promised to cover getaway pay. Example: in the event your company guarantees to cover you time-and-a-half for work with any occasion, you’ll receive 1ВЅ times your rate that is regular of for the vacation hours worked. In the event the manager will not provide an added bonus for vacation pay, you would certainly be paid only straight-time for vacation hours worked. In case your company guarantees to pay for vacation pay but have not founded a rate that is special and also you work with the vacation, you might get straight-time for eight hours of work and right time for eight hours of getaway pay.

10) have always been we eligible for leave that is sick? Getaway installment loans in Utah pay? Severance pay? As long as the manager has promised you will get these re re payments. Sick keep, holiday pay are advantages supplied to a member of staff, permitting them to be compensated whilst not working. Consequently, a company just has to cover these advantages with you to pay these benefits if he/she has a policy to pay such benefits, or has made a promise or has a contract. The Department enforces an boss’s own guidelines for those types of re re payments.

11) Do i need to be covered “on-call” time? This isn’t an easy task to answer. Some on-call time is payable plus some just isn’t.

Your freedom to follow your interests that are own “on-call” determines whether you truly must be compensated. Until you have to respond to a call if you are required to carry a beeper or cell phone but are free to pursue your own interests, you would not have to be paid. For this on-call time if you are required to remain at your employer’s place of business and are not allowed to pursue your own interests such as reading, visiting with others, or listening to the radio, your employer is required to pay you.

12) what’s the legislation breaks that are regarding dinner durations? Alaskan companies have to offer break durations with a minimum of half an hour for minors many years 14 through 17 whom work 5 or higher consecutive hours and tend to be planning to continue steadily to work. Companies are not necessary to offer breaks for workers 18 and over. In the event the boss permits breaks, in addition they past not as much as 20 moments, you need to be taken care of the break. If the boss enables dinner durations, the manager is not needed to pay for you for the dinner duration you do no work during that time if it lasts more than 20 minutes and.

13) Can my boss alter my price of pay? Yes, for as long before it takes effect as you are given written notice of the change the payday. Any day up to and including the 20th for example, if your normal payday (the day you are paid your wages) is on the 20th of the month, your employer could give you written notice of a change in your rate of pay. All work carried out by you following the 20th will be during the rate that is new.

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